Through the Desert: Bazaar Expansion

Through the Desert: Bazaar Expansion

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Four modular expansions tweak the classic gameplay of Through The Desert with fun twists without diluting the elegant nature of the gameplay. Add one for a slight change, or bring out all four for experienced players looking for a challenge!

Rival Nomads:
Based on a deck of Nomad cards, players will embark on a mysterious journey as they reveal specific and intriguing scoring conditions that challenge them to adapt their strategies quickly.

Visiting oases awakens mischievous djinns, who use their magic to make crossing the desert more difficult.

Special Watering Holes:
Take a camel piece so you can place an extra piece. In a game where the turns are so tight, this extra pace is crucial! Trading is a way of life in the desert. Buying a commercial good is worthless, but finding someone to trade with while having a pair? That's ten points!

Form valuable trade routes from desert bazaars to distant villages.