Crowdfunded Games

What is a Crowdfunded Game?

Crowdfunding happens on websites like Gamefound and Kickstarter. These sites are where creators post projects for the public to back by funding the project. One very popular subcategory of Kickstarter is the crowdfunding of board games. These board games are referred to as Kickstarter Board Games.

Why can't I just buy this game at my local store?

It's very likely not the exact same product. The Kickstarter/Gamefound version of board games can be considered the deluxe edition which often include extra game items and more premium materials and components

These extras include:

    • Stretch Goals - additional items for the board game backers that generally have to be purchased separately
    • Kickstarter Exclusives - additional items for the board game backers that will not go into the standard retail edition

Our Store

What can Board Game Emporium bring to you?

Our goal is to bring amazing crowdfunded games to your table. Many times people will miss out, whether not hearing about the game, unavailability or wanting to try a friends game first. We want to provide you with the opportunity to have another option. Don't worry if you missed a previous campaign, we'll stock up and sell most games from Kickstarter or Gamefound. As board game enthusiasts ourselves we understand that it's hard to find and keep up with all the new games constantly coming out.

How does purchasing a game from Board Game Emporium work?

Purchasing from us is the same as any other store. If the game is in stock we will complete the order as normal. If you pre-order a game we will reserve you a copy of the game and ship it to you as soon as it is released and in stock.


I'm local, can I pickup my order so I don't have to pay shipping?

Please contact me at info@bgemporium.ca to organize a pickup time. Current pickup locations are both in Calgary, either downtown at Maple Leaf Pets and Hobbies or in Riverstone (Cranston).

Can I place an order and have the order held for later shipping?

Yes! During checkout select the "Hold Order" shipping rate and we will not ship out your order. Your items will be kept aside for up to 60 days. You have until then to email us at info@bgemporium.ca to have us charge you shipping then and ship you your order. We will also ship out all held orders if you place another order where you pay for shipping.


What is a pre-order?

A pre-order guarantees you a copy of the game and we will ship it out to you immediately when distributers get the game to us.

Can I can cancel my pre-order?

Yes you can cancel your pre-order by emailing us at info@bgemporium.ca. Please note that for pre-order cancellations there is a 25% cancellation fee.