Studium | No Exit: Disciple Pledge (Upcoming)

Studium | No Exit: Disciple Pledge (Upcoming)

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Dive into a unique Gothic horror fantasy board game experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Featuring more than 40 beautifully-sculpted miniatures, stunning gothic horror artwork, and a compelling campaign style gameplay, this tile based dungeon crawler will keep you and up to three fellow victims of the Studium coming back for more.

Players take on the role of newcomers held at the mercy of the menacing forces that control the labyrinthian Studium. Having been brought together to form a house, they are tasked with delving into the darkest depths of the Studium to eradicate unspeakable horrors. While exploring the ruined halls of the Studium, players will be challenged by engaging story events. The choices that players make may have grave consequences for their characters, their companions, or even the whole of the Studium. Combat features a familiar dice rolling experience that uses each players individual equipment and skills to provide greater depth.

Studium | No Exit is intended to be played in multiple play-sessions, with player characters evolving over time. Shaping each character are milestones that provide vital enhancements to survivability. Milestones can reflect the accumulation of knowledge, the honing of battle crafts, the cohesion of working as a team, or even romantic bonds forged between two characters. Additionally, a unique “Reflection” system allows players to leverage the Studium’s abundant resources to forge formidable weapons, armor, and accessories.

Explore an ever-changing labyrinth of terror and battle unspeakable horrors. Unlock the secrets of the Studium, upgrade your gear, and join forces with fellow survivors if you hope to make it out alive... Studium | No Exit aims to be the horror-filled board game adventure that you won't soon forget.


  • Studium No Exit Core Game
  • 90 New Eyes
  • Tryst
  • Limited Edition Ragenetter Expansion
  • Umeka KS Exclusive
  • Foreteller Narration
  • All Unlocked Stretch Goals