Ring of Chaos: Platinum Edition (Pre-Order)

Ring of Chaos: Platinum Edition (Pre-Order)

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Welcome to a world of adventure, strategy, and chaos! In the depths of an ancient temple, the all-powerful Ring of Chaos beckons.

Assemble your party of four adventurers, each bestowing unique cards and powers, for they are your key to strength and survival. Engage in a race against rivals and perilous temple guardians, where every decision counts and strategy reigns supreme. Will you harness the Ring's power to summon the Gods of Chaos, or eliminate all competition to stand victorious?

With multiple paths to triumph, Ring of Chaos offers fast-paced, competitive, and seriously fun gameplay. Embark on this epic quest, seize the Ring, and control the chaos that awaits!

The Platinum Edition of Ring of Chaos includes:

  • A unique Platinum Edition box design incorporating all 32 heroes from the game
  • Two sets of 8 Sundrop minis (16 total) (20mm diameter base with ~45mm height) with 12 mini bases in 6 colors (replaces 2D game pieces in standard edition)
  • Both maps from the Standard Edition, but printed larger (17"x22") and mounted on game board
  • Two additional battle maps, requiring new tactics and strategies, also on 17"x22" game board (still in design phase, will reveal as soon as design is complete!)
  • The 32 Hero cards will have a spot UV effect (a glossy coating that makes the art pop) on the front, and foil stamping of the phrase “CANNOT DEFEND” on the back