Monster Hunter World Iceborn: Hunters Pledge (Upcoming)

Monster Hunter World Iceborn: Hunters Pledge (Upcoming)

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Monster Hunter World Iceborne: The Board Game is a cooperative arena combat game for 1-4 players bursting with all new quests, exciting new gameplay, and a whole new line-up of MASSIVE monsters to hunt!

A mysterious song is echoing over the New World and causing the mass migration of Legiana. Now, the Research Commission needs YOU to investigate. Become a hunter of the Fifth Fleet and head to an uncharted arctic tundra where unknown threats roam wild. Protect the new Seliana basecamp from monsters unlike any you’ve faced before. Claim monster loot from your successful hunts to craft awesome new equipment, so you can hunt bigger and badder beasts until you’ve mastered Hoarfrost Reach!

How it Plays

 Like World, Iceborne will plunge you into an open world where monsters won’t sit back and be hunted. Every fight is a boss fight. The monster controls the flow of combat, pushing you and your party to the limit — and each monster is wildly different. It’s crush-or-be-crushed with beasts as mobile as these!

Choose your hunter based on their unique weapon and playstyle. Pick which infamous monster you’ll be hunting across the ice. Track the creature in a quest driven by your decisions, avoiding pitfalls and collecting bonus resources to help you in the challenges ahead.

Then dive into heart-pounding, card-driven combat where teamwork, positioning, and stamina are key, targeting the monster parts you need for the equipment you want to craft — without getting wiped out!

  • Play multiple epic campaigns with different combos of hunters, monsters, and equipment. The more monsters you slay, the better the weapons you can craft, the bigger the monsters you can hunt!
  • Short on time? Every monster comes with single session arena quests, so you can plunge right into combat
  • Want to play solo? No problem! Monster Hunter World Iceborne: The Board Game includes solo mode

What’s New?

 Iceborne is a standalone board game that takes the highly-rated Monster Hunter World engine and introduces some game-changing Iceborne twists. Hunt a whole new roster of monsters who hit even harder when they’re angry. Navigate frozen terrain. Use your Clutch Claw to get close to the beasts. Find bonus info when tracking to help in the fight ahead. Manage your stamina in a new way. And brace yourself for brutal wind-up attacks!


  • Hoarfrost Reach Core Box
  • Absolute Power Monster Expansion
  • Moonlit Howl Monster Expansion
  • Palicoes & Poogie Box