Premium Large Playmat (Black)

Premium Large Playmat (Black)

Board Game Tables
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Are you looking for something that will provide a great gaming experience on the go? Or, perhaps you’re looking to elevate your gaming experience at home?

The Board Game Playmat is a premium play surface designed with the help of over a thousand gamers who participated in surveys and provided insightful feedback.

You might be wondering why we’re offering a gaming mat when we sell awesome tables. And that’s a great question we asked ourselves too. So we used it, like we do for everything we make.

For the nights when you just want to play a short game or go to a friend’s home where they don’t have a game table (sad but true reality), the convenience of having a gaming playmat that can easily roll out and pack back into its carrying case without hassle just might be life-changing. We know it has been for us.

The Board Game Playmat makes every gaming experience feel special.

Comes with edge stitching and a carrying case.