Kingdoms Forlorn Elite Core Game Pledge  (Pre-Order)

Kingdoms Forlorn Elite Core Game Pledge (Pre-Order)

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Kingdoms Forlorn is the newest epic massive board game from Into the Unknown, offering an immersive co-op and solo experience for 1-5 players! Quest through a dark medieval fantasy world, through deep, innovatively-structured stories and endless rogue-lite delves! Customize your knight and play with your core group or pack up and take your knight to gaming groups around the world! Co-op, solo, wandering from campaign to campaign, following a story or venturing for unscripted legendary hunts, you decide how you play!

Over 150 hours of narrative gameplay, over a 1000 unique illustrations, dozens of unique, giant miniatures, hundreds of cards.

Tactical, escalating battles with bosses and mobs, strategic delves into forgotten kingdoms, deep cooperation with hard co-op, branching adventures and deep, personal narratives. Unscripted hunts and a soloperative experience that allows you to play with your knight anywhere with anyone, regardless of campaign and level differences. A bold, dark medieval world with lore and secrets to uncover.


  • Kingdoms Forlorn: Dragons, Devils and Kings - Core Game box
  • Ten Thousand Succulent Fears Deluxe Expansion
  • All unlocked applicable Stretch Goals