What We Do

We Back Crowdfunding Projects

We scour crowdfunding projects and see what kind of games offer amazing exclusives and what kind of games the people will like. We back these projects to see them come to life and we organize deals with the creators to get a great price which we then pass on to you the consumer!

We Make It All Available to You

Looking for a hard to find game or a game that you missed on Kickstarter? Well we may have it for you! Not only that but we'll have all the exclusive bits and pieces to make sure you're going to get the best package. Some of these games you can find at retail stores but they will have a reduced retail version that doesn't come with all the exclusives and they may not have all the add-ons. At BG Emporium, we make sure that every single component is available to purchase.

We Put Canadians First

BG Emporium is a Canadian run business and we make sure that we are providing an excellent service to our fellow Canadians. We aim to build a more rich and robust board game scene in Canada. We have a lot planned and look forward to bringing it to you in the future!