Kavango: Deluxe Kickstarter (Pre-Order)

Kavango: Deluxe Kickstarter (Pre-Order)

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Grab up to four friends and travel to the abundant Kavango Region of southern Africa. In Kavango, you take on the role of one of ten different Conservation Experts, each with special abilities that will help you re-wild your own landscape into a thriving nature reserve. Invest in protecting your animals from threats by earning money from research tasks.

Compete with your friends to build the highest scoring Nature Reserve, scoring points by playing animal cards and winning Conservation Awards.

With 160 beautifully unique species cards, 40 research cards and 5 landscape boards, there is ultimate replayability to reflect the incredible biodiversity of Kavango.


  • Deluxe Card Trays
  • Luxury Landscape Boards
  • Deluxe Fabric Bags
  • Deluxe Wooden Tokens
  • Deluxe Embossed Box
  • +all unlocked stretch goals